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Jumbo No Assistant Nest of Boxes

This is the JUMBO version of our best-selling No Assistant Nest of Boxes. The 7 boxes stand over 6 feet tall. Truly a stage-filling effect that can be performed by one person.

A ring, watch or other small object is borrowed from a member of the audience and disappears. A large red box, which has been on display throughout the entire performnce (before the object was borrowed) is opened by a volunteer from the audience. Inside is a second box. Open this, a third box is found, which is opened to reveal a fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh box! Each box is stacked, forming a tower of boxes OVER 6 FEET HIGH. The volunteer opens the seventh box to reveal the previously-borrowed object inside! A classic effect in modern style. 5 to 8 minutes of laughs and mystery. 

Remember: No stooges or confederates. No assistants onstage or backstage. A self-contained, one-person effect.  Heavy-duty, ATA roadshow style cases are built by Mark Evans to last a lifetime. Largest box may be locked with your own padlock. Largest box has smooth rolling casters for easy movement on and off-stage. Set of boxes weigh 56 pounds. Largest box is 18" square. Smallest box 4" square.

May be performed anywhere. Stage, platform, floor show or in your living room at home. Includes instruction booklet and DVD. Allow up to 30 days for construction. Shipping time additional.

$1150 + $95 shipping in the U.S.

Overseas shipping varies by location and will be billed separately.




Price $1150.00